2013 Breeders Cup Betting

When it comes to horse racing, there is no better time for bettors than when the Breeders Cup happens. After all, the Breeders Cup is a two-day extravaganza of major horse races where millions of dollars are on the line. Considering the sheer amount of money available, it's no surprise that top horse owners, trainers, and bettors from around the world attend this event. If you're interested in wagering money on these races, here's some Breeders Cup betting and general race information that you should keep in mind. For all the latest 2013 Super Bowl betting options online, check SuperBowl360.com.

A Quick Look to Bet On Breeders Cup

Before we get into the wagering aspect of this event, it's worth looking at some basic info first. The Breeders Cup features multiple races on both days, and purses range from $500,000 to $5 million. The upcoming 2013 Breeders Cup, which takes place on November 1st and 2nd at Santa Anita Park (Arcadia, California), will feature six races on Friday and nine races on Saturday.

The biggest race "the Classic" offers a massive $5 million purse to horses that cover the 1-and-1/4 miles distance the fastest. There will be quite a few other big races too such as the $3 million Turf, $2 million Grey Goose Juvenile Fillies, $2 million Grey Goose Juvenile, $2 million Filly & Mare Turf, $2 million Ladies' Classic, and $2 million Mile. Some of these races are televised on NBC, which gives bettors an opportunity to view them live.

Breeders Cup Betting Options

What's great about horse race wagering in this day and age is that you have a number of options. Online Breeders Cup betting has become extremely popular due to the fact that people can make a bet from their laptop or desktop at any time. Many sportsbooks also offer mobile platforms too, which enable bettors to place wagers from their iPhone or iPad. Assuming you're in the traveling mood, there are also various land-based sportsbooks in the US and other countries. However, most people simply go the mobile or online route since this is cheaper and more convenient.

Types of Breeders Cup Bets

Seeing as how many Breeders Cup races feature up-and-coming horses, bettors often deal with a number of unknowns. That said, a lot of experienced Breeders Cup experts opt for wagers like the Place and Show since their picks don't have to necessarily win the race just to complete a successful bet. Of course, as with any horse racing event, people make a wide range of bets including the following:

Win - This is the easiest wager in horse racing because you choose a pony and it needs to win the race. Keep in mind that you can place multiple Win bets within the same race, which is an excellent strategy when you can't decide between two or three horses.

Place - With a Place bet, your horse can finish in first, second or third, and you'll still win the wager. Seeing as how you have a much better opportunity to win a Place bet, the payouts are smaller here than with what you'd see in a Win bet.

Show - Similar to a Place wager, a Show bet sees you win if your horse finishes in first, second, third or fourth.

Each Way - This is a combination of the Place and Win bets because you are making a double wager that your horse will win the race and finish within the top three spots. Even if the horse doesn't win, you can still earn money through the Place portion of this bet.

Trifecta - More advanced horse race bettors like to try their hand with the Trifecta. This wager wins if you can pick the exact order of the first, second and third place finishers.

Superfecta - If you're looking for a truly huge but difficult payout, you can make a Superfecta bet. You have to guess the exact first, second, third and fourth place finishers with this wager.